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玩魔兽争霸创建房间后出现假死情况,显卡是intel 965 express chipset family,更新驱动后问题依旧。
There is another better solution for warcraft 3 and frozen throne fix for drivers 14.34.4 and above.
You can force it to run in software TNL(Transform and Lightning).
To do this go to Start—>Run–>and type regedit and open it.
Now press Ctrl+F and search for _3DMark06.exe. This will take a while but not very long.
When it finishes searching you will stumble upon a few entries that start with (_) in it.
Those programs you see run on software TNL instead of hardware. So all you have to do it add a new entry.
To do this right click inside the right panel and create a new DWORD value. now name this _war3.exe (this is your warcraft 3 and frozen throne .exe file).
Right click on this entry and click modify.
Now make sure the base is set to hexademical.
Just change the 0 to 1. Now the painful part, you have to repeat the whole procedure.
CTRL+F and find another _3dmark06.exe, then create a new DWORD value and name is _war3.exe then modify the value to 1.
Do this until there is no more _3dmark06.exe to search for. It is painful but trust me its worth it.
If you install newer drivers the settings will remain so you only have to do it once(THANK GOD).
After you’ve done this, that is the end. You dont need -opengl to play warcraft 3 now. Warcraft 3 and frozen throne run 2x faster in software mode compared to hardware mode. Hope this helps . Cheers

Thanks galakfryar.
display 设备 \Device\Video0 的驱动程序 igxprd32 无法摆脱无限循环。 这通常说明设备本身有问题或者设备驱动程序 汇编硬件时有问题。请跟硬件设备供应商联系, 取得驱动程序更新。

2009-4-23 此问题已解决,win7某次更新之后再未出现此类情况。